Listen to Your Innerself

Posted by Shelly Bhardwaj on

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We have noticed that a lot of us get wiped out at the end of a long day of work or social activity to the point where we need time to recuperate from exhaustion, and heal our body and mind.

We can’t go anywhere on the Internet these days without running into a story about the benefits of physical activity, yoga, and meditation on our body and mind. And it’s 100% true - studies show that being active and using these health tools will decrease stress, increase focus, and even provide relief from many kids of physical or mental illness.

Fact remains that making a healthy routine and following it religiously everyday isn’t easy, especially for those of us who struggle to turn off the mental chatter and the buzz of thoughts of work, bills, family, and all the other stresses of modern-day life.

But this buzzing is exactly why we need a combination of physical activity, yoga, and meditation now more than ever before. With our busy lives and unfulfilling distractions and fatigue of modern-day life, it’s important to make time to simply get into a steady daily routine. One should aim for at least 30 minutes of physical activity every day. Besides providing continued physical well being, this will block negative thoughts or distract you from daily worries, will lift mood and improve sleeps patterns, get opportunity for increased social contact, and even help in some chronic conditions like depression.